Barbecue Troubleshooting

If the defect you are looking for is not described here please contact our helpline for further assistance.

Problem Possible Cause Remedy
Burner will not light using the ignition system
  • LP gas cylinder is empty
  • Faulty regulator
  • Obstructions in burner
  • Obstructions in gas jets or gas hose
  • Sparker wire is loose
  • Sparker wire is damaged
  • Replace the cylinder
  • Have the regulator checked or replaced
  • Clean burner
  • Clean jets and gas hose
  • Reconnect wire
  • Change Sparker wire
Low flame or flashback
(fire in burner tube – a hissing or roaring noise may be heard)
  • LP gas cylinder too small
  • Obstructions in burner
  • Obstructions
  • Use larger cylinder
  • Clean burner
  • Clean jets and gas hose
  • Use BBQ in a more sheltered position
The regulator does not fit onto the gas cylinder. The cylinder that is being used is not designed to accept the generic regulator used with the Universal Innovations barbecue. Check with your gas stockist for a suitable regulator with the correct pressure setting OR Click Here to find a gas stockist near your location.