What type of gas should I use?

The heater is only suitable for use with Butane Gas at 28mbar operating pressure and must not be connected
to any other type of gas supply.

What is the minimum room size required?

The minimum room size when using this appliance is 64 cubic metres with a minimum ventilation of
80 cm squared area.

Why is the indoor heater smelling?

When the indoor heater is used for the first time you will notice a smell. This is normal because the appliance
is new. So for the first three hours or so use the indoor heater in a very well ventilated position. If the smell
persists after this period please contact our customer service help line on 00 353 1 287 3797.

Why does the heater go out after a short while?

The indoor heater is fitted with an oxygen depletion sensing device, which is designed to turn off the indoor
heater if the oxygen level in the room drops below a safe level.

Can I use propane gas instead of butane?

No. You must only use butane. Butane is the only gas used with our indoor heater products.

How frequently should my indoor heater be serviced?

We recommend that our indoor heaters should be serviced by a qualified technician after every 1000 hours of use.

If you are having difficulty sourcing butane:

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