If the defect you are looking for is not described here please contact our helpline for further assistance.

Problem Possible Cause Remedy
Indoor heater will not light
  • Faulty ignition sparker
  • Pilot gaspipe is blocked
  • There is a kink in the gas hose
  • Gas regulator is incorrectly fitted to the gas cylinder
When lighting the Provence hold the ignition control knob down for 5 to 10 seconds before turning to sparking position.


If this does not remedy the fire lighting, open the front door and remove the coal set. Try lighting again ensuring that the pilot lights on the right side.


Check regulator is correctly fitted to the gas cylinder ensuring the collar on the regulator is securely clipped down onto the gas cylinder valve.

No sign of gas coming through Gas regulator is incorrectly fitted Is the regulator correctly fitted to the gas bottle? Can you pull it off without pressing the release button on the regulator? If this is ok then press the valve down on the bottle to release some gas air as there could be a build up of air in the cylinder
Indoor heater is sooting or flame is becoming more yellow in colour
and taller
Blockage of burner inlet When there is evidence of sooting this means that there is a blockage and will require cleaning the unit.
Click here to clean your Provence heater.
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to clean your Manhattan heater.

or contact our helpline +353 1 287 3797
or contact a qualified gas service engineer to service the unit. You can call:

0800 121 4461 (UK)

01 450 5000 (ROI)

Regulator does not fit onto gas cylinder. You may not be using the correct gas. Check that the gas is Butane. In Ireland, Butane usually comes in a yellow cylinder.

In the UK, Butane is usually sold in a blue cylinder. Butane gas can usually be purchased from the retailer of your indoor heater.

The heater will not light across the coals Lack of air circulation Wave your hand over the bottom of the door to circulate the air as there may not be enough air circulating in order to get the flame to cross light over the coals.
The indoor heater is emitting fumes. New indoor heaters require that the coal set be cured for the first few hours of use as they burn off residue machine oils and coolant which is used in the manufacturing process. Leave the indoor heater in a very well ventilated area at a high heat setting to cure the coal set. If the heater is still creating a smell after about four hours of curing,
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